Frequently asked questions about purchasing ceramics. Please note: my process may look different than yours or an artist you know. That's okay. Below is the information I believe to be true based on my studio experience and making functional pottery. Please reach out if a question you have is not answered or have additional information to offer!

Can I put my ceramics in the microwave / dishwasher? 
The ones you purchase from this website are all safe for the microwave and dishwasher unless noted in the description. These pieces are fired to 2232 degrees and are usually very strong. The exception: luster or other special decals. As a rule of thumb, do not put pieces with gold in your microwave. It is real gold, and can spark. While unlikely, I personally wouldn't risk it. Same goes for crystals and things... don't put those in your microwave. 

Do you do custom orders? 
Yes and no. It is VERY difficult for me to get the idea in your head onto my pottery. And I worry about disappointing my customers. While I'm flattered you want to support my art, the best is when someone purchases a piece that has already been made or wants something very similar. I know lots of very hard-working artists who love taking on custom orders and am happy to pass along their info. I never say never though, and have done custom-ish orders in the past.

How long does it take to make a mug / cup / vessel?
This is a tricky question. I work in a community studio and this store is a side hustle for now. It can take between 2-8 weeks to create certain items. It's vague, but the real situation right now. 

How do these pieces ship?
For now, everything ships USPS Priority Mail. I do my best to use all recycled materials for packaging. This includes news papers, bubble wrap from other orders, and donated materials. If anything is ever broken, please email me ASAP and we will figure out the best way to proceed. I'm happy to work with you. Accidents happen, but we try to limit them and address them in the moment. 

Can I pick these up if I live in NYC / plan to visit? 
Yes, please DM me on instagram or send me an email. People local to my area receive discounts, so please please reach out! We can even have a coffee if you'd like. 

More questions?
email: pastichedbykristen@gmail.com